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As an employer, no matter where you turn, you are exposed.

Robbery & Theft, “slip and fall” accidents, employee negligence and misconduct, work place violence and many more threats expose your company everyday, but they don’t have to. As a licensed private investigative agency, we are called upon all too often to try and fix these exact problems.

The majority of the time, they could have been prevented if a properly designed and installed camera system was in place to capture ill-refutable evidence of what has occurred , in and around your business.

This type of system benefits you in many ways:

  • Permanently reduced liability insurance premiums. (Most insurance companies offer between a five and ten percent reduction in liability premium for business that install a complete system)
  • Theft and robbery deterrent
  • Employee misconduct deterrent
  • The ability to see what really occurs when you are away.

CIS installs a full line of name brand security cameras, multiplexes, recorders, housings and monitors. Some of the main options available include the following: 

  • Point-of-Sale Monitoring Systems
  • Temporary and Movable Cameras
  • Hidden / Covert / Micro Cameras
  • Day and Night Vision Ability
  • Motion Activated Cameras
  • Black & White or Color
  • Remote Camera Monitoring and Control
  • Exceptional Clarity and Zoom
  • Indoor and Outdoor Systems
  • Guaranteed Installation
  • Equipment Warrantee
  • Free Operation Training

More importantly, we can design and install a system that meets your needs, and your budget! In the past, many employers could not afford a quality CCTV system. Technological advances now allow us to offer exceptionally high quality systems, which give all of the above benefits at very reasonable prices. Many of our clients find that the money they save on their liability insurance premiums pay for the system within the first year!

We also install Home / Residential systems and offer camera rentals to Safe Guard Your Home, Office and Special Event.

All of our installers are trained and experienced in system design, installation and maintenance. All of the systems we install are designed to blend in and appear discreet to prevent clients, customers and employees from feeling intruded upon.

Why a Hidden Camera may be the Right Choice for You!

Covert camera otherwise known as spy or hidden cameras have become more and more popular in recent years. Some of this sudden popularity is due as a result of some highly publicized cases of children abuse by baby sitters, that were uncovered by the use of hidden camera. Other reasons might be related to the lowering cost of manufacturing such cameras, which has made them more affordable in the market. In most application covert cameras are used as stand alone units connected directly to a security time lapse recorder or digital video recorder (DVR). But they can also be very effective in enhancing a video security system. If most cameras within a video security system are in plain view, they are more susceptible to vandalism or avoidance by the subject being monitored. It is in these areas where a hidden camera could be helpful to monitor a high value item such as a safe, cash register etc. In such high security areas where currency exchanges hands or is temporally being stored employees are aware that they might be monitored. Therefore hidden spy cameras may be used and their location or the fact that they are installed may not be disclosed. However it is recommended that you consult with a local attorney before installing any covert video equipment.

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